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Old Game-Development Projects

Enemy AI Prefabs 1

Version 1 enemy AI Platformer Package

My first commercial project. A package of 4 2D platformer enemies as a plug and test service for new ideas. The package can be found here. Platformer game LD41 [2018]

enemy ai prefabs

Ludum Dare 41

A game created for Ludum Dare 41 , its a platformer showcasing some movement mechanics like ladders, bouncy blocks, moving platforms etc. The quest to save the princess



High-School programming exam hand-in

The game is a 2D top down RPG with turn based battle. there’s a total of 11 unique enemies, 3 quests and 2 different soundtracks. The game was made as an exam project for a programming class, and its my first game to ever be finished and “released”

programming handin

programming handin

programming handin


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